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Mr Yves-christophe Morel

Né en : 1961 (62ans)

Profil Linkedin :

Sa société : Entrepreneur et mentor

Son poste : Directeur Général EMEA TCL Communication

Yves has more than 20 years’ experience developing business on High-Tech devices all across EMEA. After 10 years in Sales and Marketing in Alcatel mobile division, Yves joined TCL group, China based company, and spend 10 years as General Manager EMEA. He enjoyed working with Chinese executives in a multicultural environment. For the past 3 years, he is exploring and more, the startups landscape. He is an advisor in tech startups and a mentor at IoT Valley in Toulouse. He is a cofounder of a Club Entrepreneur in Paris La Défense, delivering operational solutions for management crisis.

Marché connus : France - Europe - Afrique

Typologie des dossiers qui l'intéressent : Création - Amorçage

Ses compétences : Stratégie Business - Venture capital - B to B

Écosystème d'expertise : Fabrication, design - Commerce de détail - Industrie du Hardware - Gestion de sociétés et d'entreprises


Ses prestations : #Stratégie globale #Stratégie commerciale #Coaching