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Mr Pierre Clamens

Né en : 1957 (62ans)

Profil Linkedin :

Sa société : WINE TRIBUTE

Son poste : Strategic Advisor

Background. Most of my professional background has been for some 30 years within Food & Wine industries, managing the export side of medium and large size businesses, then being the CEO of a Belgian chocolate company. I also started some 15 years ago entrepreneurship ventures in wine and gourmet food. In the meantime I have been active with HEC as a strategic advisor for students‘ Capstones and for the Entrepreneurship Center.

Education. Graduated from Edhec Business School in 1983 and from HEC Executive MBA in 2000, I also passed recently ICCF@HEC, International Certificate in Corporate Finance.

Marché connus : France - Europe - USA - Asie - Canada

Typologie des dossiers qui l'intéressent : Idéation - Création - Amorçage - Scaling

Ses compétences : Stratégie Business - Product Manager - E-commerce - B to C - B to B

Écosystème d'expertise : Fabrication, design - Commerce de gros - Commerce de détail - Industrie du Hardware - Services professionnels, scientifiques et techniques - Gestion de sociétés et d'entreprises - Autres services, sauf les administrations publiques


Ses prestations : #Stratégie globale #Stratégie commerciale #Coaching #Conception Business Plan #Conception produit #Choix technologiques #Autres